Welcome to Full Spectrum Midwife! My name is Lena Wood and I am a certified nurse-midwife. Many of you might know me as the blogger behind Notes from a Student Midwife, which chronicled my journey from a radical doula to midwife.

I studied nursing and midwifery at Oregon Health and Science University and have worked as a nurse both at an abortion clinic and at a primary care clinic serving primarily migrant workers in the Willamette Valley. I currently practice midwifery in Portland, OR.

As a full spectrum midwife I advocate for fully accessible inclusive midwifery care. I work towards increased diversity and inclusion within my own profession. And I use my voice to lobby for policies that embrace reproductive justice and equity.

This blog is a space to chronicle the next step in my journey, from new grad to experienced midwife, preceptor to a new generation of radical, full spectrum midwives.

Welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a nice cup of tea, let’s chat and plot the revolution together!