Preparing for Your First Interview

After a 6 month or so hiatus from blogging, I’m so excited to be back with a new blog. As many of you know, I’m no longer a student midwife, but a real, certified nurse-midwife now!

I’ve received a few requests recently for tips and reflections on my experience of interviewing for my first midwifery job.

Rest assured, I was just as nervous and worried as you, wondering how to adequately present myself in a way that felt authentic and true to who I am while acknowledging that I was a new grad with limited experience.

After lots of self-reflection, asking other experienced midwives and new grads for their input, I pulled together the following resources to help me prepare for that interview.

Since we’re coming upon interview season, I thought I’d share this Google Doc with you all as one option for you to organize your thoughts. Feel free to add to it or edit it as you wish, and please do share any thoughts and tips over on Facebook!

Other Resources for New Grads:

The Latent Phase: an ACNM blog series by Stephanie Tillman, of Feminist Midwife

ACNM Workforce Resources: more on contract negotiation, state practice environments, and more


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